We need to be told which medicines are at risk in no-deal Brexit

The authorities’s answers at the availability of important elements are insufficient, says Michael Lipton. Cancer patient Angela Boyd has the same opinion

Your document (Tory divisions over Brexit deepen amid row over no-deal dossier leak, 19 August) cites an legit prediction of “intense prolonged delays to medicinal drug resources” after a no-deal Brexit. That would leave hundreds of thousands at accelerated danger of painful effects, and possibly lots at extended hazard of death. What, especially for each medication, need to patients, GPs and hospitals do approximately this?

The government says it tendered a £25m settlement on 15 August to transport “time-sensitive shipments” from the EU and “make sure [that] supply of scientific goods remains uninterrupted” after Brexit. However, “one in 3 generics manufacturers” are making their very own arrangements because of “uncertainty around government plans”, consistent with a current document in the Pharmaceutical Journal. And what approximately non-generics, such as all medicines still beneath patent?

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Matt Hancock, the health secretary, have to now post a listing of exactly which medicines are at danger and of the way much put off. For every medicine, patients, hospitals and docs should be counseled the way to reply. Boris Johnson’s education presumably included Cicero’s “Salus populi suprema lex”: the health of the people is the very best regulation. Is Johnson’s motto “Salus populi minima lex”?

Emeritus professor of economics, University of Sussex, Brighton

• As a most cancers affected person with persistent lymphocytic leukaemia on 2d-line treatment, I requested my consultant haematologist whether or not the Imbruvica capsules I am taking, which might be manufactured in Belgium, might nonetheless be to be had after a no-deal Brexit. She had no answer.

How many different most cancers patients are in this situation, whereby their lifestyles-saving remedies can also prevent mid-course? Are there hundreds or tens of millions? And would the palliative-care centers be enough to address a boom of most cancers sufferers?
Angela Boyd
Wellington, Somerset

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